(3.1) GiftSend SDK 1112

(3.1)GiftSend Advertisement SDK originally invented pause dotted technology in additional to the normal SDK functions in the market

(3.2) Video Optimization Report

3.2GiftSend's intelligent video optimization system can record user's install behavior. We can help advertisers optimize creatives according to our data report.

GiftSend unique technology
Start advertising in 3 minutes

  • Easy campaign setting
  • Wide creative compatibility
  • Exclusive account service
  • Continual advertising optimization
  • 1. Fill in information
  • 2. Get an account
  • 3. Start advertising

(3.3) Targeted Advertising

3.3GiftSend smart system can analyze user interactive behavior data when watching video ads. Then system will classify users in each category and deliver relevant ads to targeted audience automatically

  • 1. Add an App
  • 2. Integrate with SDK
  • 3. Upload for reviewing

GiftSend's leading
intelligent SDK

  • Easy integration and stable
  • Quick response with global servers
  • Better fill rate and higher revenue
  • Leading anti-fraud system

(3.4)Multiple advertising source 121

3.4Targeted in 100+ countries and regions with 4M+ daily views. GiftSend set up global server nodes to guarantee developers higher fill rate and timely ad response.